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Make construction ready for a more productive future.

Digitization can be a very powerful tool in that but there is one blank spot – the construction site itself.

Contakt - Your Site in Sync.

Contakt is a methodology and digital toolset to increase building productivity.


Digital Construction Intelligence
Your simple approach to increase building productivity with Collaboration Apps, Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Construction Site

Increase site productivity.

  • Digital Twin of the construction site, BIM-compatible.
  • Site management tool for site managers and foremen: site planning (process, teams, materials), collaboration and execution.
  • Sensors to deliver additional as-is real time data.
  • BIM compatible.

A significantly (6 - 15 %) more productive construction site with proactive execution of teams, material flows and workflows.

Contakt Hub.
The site monitoring tool

Site transparency increases efficiency.

  • Real-time monitoring of the building progress for construction companies, building owners, developers and planners.
  • As build documentation.
  • Early detection of delays and problems.
  • Proactive action to save construction time and costs.
  • Finance and risk management through transparency.

Higher margins: improved competitiveness, risk management and best-practice construction execution.

Learning Construction Process

Construction Process Improvement.

  • Build up of big data - Data analytics and artificial intellligence.
  • Identification for waste reduction potentials for lean construction.
  • Learning construction process - AI defines best practices for future projects.
  • Sound data for upcoming projects, e.g. calculation, work preparation, simulations.

Higher margins: more knowledge in pre-development, transparent risk management and transparent execution.


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The Contakt Method

Location Based Planning

Internet of Things

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Takt planner


  • Takt / cycle planner for site managers and foremen.
  • Planning of cycles, teams and material on a project and daily basis.
  • Automatic disposition of material, e.g. ordering of concrete.

On site progress management


  • Team collaboration on site.
  • Organize tasks with a mobile app.
  • Progress monitoring.
  • Automatic daily reports.

Automatic as-is-data


  • Sensors (Internet of things) on site deliver field data.
  • Formwork is the "host" indicating the site progress.

Construction Site Monitor


  • Overview on all construction sites.
  • Progress reporting.


  • Detailed as-is data insights.
  • Transparency enables performance improvements.


  • Collection of data influencing the building progress.
  • Analytics of data, e.g. performance data.

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We pave the way for the digital revolution in construction processes along the entire value chain - from planning, building and operating to demolishing. Our aim: the best construction process performed in quality, costs and time.

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Contakt GmbH is a subsidiary of Umdasch Group Ventures, the innovation hub and company creator for construction and retail.

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